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Landseer Partners – what we do

We work closely with our clients either at the transactional deal level or at the more strategic sales pipeline level helping our clients qualify specific deals.

On specific deals, much of our work comprises:

  • Helping the client to clearly articulate and describe their overall proposition or business solution set
  • Shaping and positioning the proposition prior to the start of any formal procurement process
  • Providing insight and knowledge of the target marketplace
  • Working with the prime contractor and partners to manage multiple activities during the competitive bid process
  • Helping to create successful commercial and value for money constructs
  • Getting the transition and delivery teams ready for business take-on

Landseer Partners – how we work

We work in many different ways with our clients – sometimes we work as part of the pre-sales teams in market warming processes at other times we work as part of the bid management team or as part of the constructive independent bid review process.

Irrespective of the roles we are used for during a sales campaign, we always try to create a close and trusted working relationship with our clients. Given our own hard won experience and those of our associates, we are often asked to review and critique a bid or deal from different perspectives – we can, and do, offer CEO, sales director and the bid director viewpoints. This end-to-end service enables us to give honest and informed 360 degree feedback to our clients thereby enabling superior bids to be submitted.

Experience has taught us that each assignment is unique.  We offer a custom service to our clients and are able to provide the right level of service necessary to create successful outcomes.  Given the above, we are happy to discuss risk/reward mechanisms when appropriate.

To help deliver some of our work we use trusted associates.  We have worked with our associates for a number of years, we know what they are good at and we know the value they can bring to our clients.