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Landseer Partners is equipped to help organisations benefit from flexible resourcing for sales and bids.

To get the most out of our services there needs to be a careful match of delivery capability with client requirements. The solution may be a Director from Landseer Partners or it may be a small team to undertake a number of key roles. We will also always ensure our support is appropriate – it may be full-time for a week or ongoing support once a week over a number of months.

We aim to provide the right sized team for each assignment. When a client is seeking a large team or a number of junior consultants we will help our client source these people and make recommendations to other companies whose purpose is to fulfill these needs.

Working in partnership with our clients

The relationships we build with our clients are key to our ability to support the clients. We provide the right level of support and advice using our Directors to build and lead the relationship and our work with our clients.

Working with our associates

The relationships we build with our associates are key to our ability to serve our clients. We develop a deep knowledge not only of their skills but also what challenges them, what excites them and what situations they thrive in. This means that we will use the right asssociate to give better results for our clients.