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Purpose of the Proposal Health Assessment

We know that in a developing a winning proposal there are fundamental questions that need to be reviewed on an on-going basis. These include questions such as:

  • Will we meet all the requirements and be compliant?
  • Will the proposal beat the competition?
  • How do we ensure that it will be a good contract?
  • Are we on target to complete the proposal in time?

The Proposal Health Assessment provides an independent assessment of the developing proposal that can save money by identifying when a no-bid is the correct decision and identify omissions and errors that can turn a losing bid into a winning one.

What we will do

We will review the developing documentation and conduct  number of interviews with the key people involved in the bid. By doing this we will produce an assessment that will:

  • Assess viability and rationale of the bid decision
  • Evaluate the win strategy and possible competitor strategies
  • Assess the bid plan and the developing proposal
  • Assess the bid team
  • Assess the contractual and financial risk management strategy