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The purpose of the Storyboard Workshop is to identify and develop the win themes, structure and essential content of the proposal.

The technique of storyboarding developed from the STOP method for production of engineering manuals in the Defence / Aerospace industry although, as most people know, something similar is used in the film industry too – reputedly invented by Walt Disney.

What it gives you is consistently organised content and structure to the final document; less rework and reduced costs.  Everyone involved will know what to write and where it fits into the overall architecture of the bid.  The reader will feel they are reading one integrated and complete document.


We will first meet with you, the pursuit leader, to establish what your objectives are, discuss how your teams are structured and tailor the workshop to suit the particular needs of your bid.  Advance briefings will be provided so that everyone attending knows what to expect and what is expected of them.


We will lead the teams through the workshop process using appropriate techniques to elicit and capture ideas, keep everyone focussed and manage the inevitable time pressures.  We will use a light, engaging style to help keep your teams motivated and effective.


The output from the workshop will be the outline storyboard itself and the major win themes for the bid. Together these form the skeleton, without which the body of the proposal won’t stand up to scrutiny.