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 Strategy workshop to maximise the ability to win

The purpose of the Strategy Workshop is to develop the plan of action to win the bid. We will run this workshop to gather and analyse what is known about the opportunity in order to formulate a strategy to maximise the ability to win.  The workshop will typically define the strategy and identify USPs, weaknesses, risks and potential partners to enable a realistic bid plan to be constructed.

We will meet the Pursuit Lead to understand your requirements, your relationship with the end client, your understanding of the competition, any perceived issues or risks around the bid and what work has been done to date. We will agree with the Pursuit Lead who should be attending the workshop, the specific objectives for the workshop and the workshop brief to be issued all the participants.

We will then run the workshop using the most appropiate methodology and decision making techniques.  Our input will include our knowledge of the competition, experience from similar bids and challenges to your thinking. The output from the workshop will be sufficiently detailed  in order to produce:

  • An understanding of the end client requirements
  • The win strategy and USP
  • Outline risk analysis
  • Potential partners analysis
  • Bid plan